Winding Creek Research @wcgroup Louisiana Election Poll 2010

I just received a call from a representative of “Winding Creek Research” link regarding the November 2010 Louisiana Elections.

After validating my likelihood to vote in these elections I was asked a short series of questions, roughly, as follows:

Q1. How likely to vote in November Election
Q2. If Senate race today who would you choose between:
Q3. If the House race were held today, who would you choose between:
Q3. Do you generally approve of Barack Obama’s Job as President
Q4. Do you generally consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent
Q5. Did you Vote for Barack Obama
Q6. Do you Generally Support New Health Care Bill or Do you think it should be Repealed & Replaced – this was the only questions which seemed a little slanted with “repealed & replaced”

2 thoughts on “Winding Creek Research @wcgroup Louisiana Election Poll 2010

  1. Bob

    They called here in NH, also. Same set of questions only they have picked a Republican candidate for Senate prior to the primary.

  2. jeanne

    they called here in wisconsin too, and before answering any questions, I asked how they got my name (which he mispronounced) and phone number. The rep said it was on the form I filled out stating if I was a republican or a democrat. I have never declared myself a member of any party, and when I told him that, he said that someone must have done it for me. I asked him to remove our phone number from their calling list.

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