Ironman 70.3 Augusta Race Report

Ironman 70.3 Augusta Race Report As is my usual, this may be a little long. I have not been 100% consistent posting these. I would like to get better but life, excuses, whatever. The Race Itself I had a great race at the Ironman 70.3 Augusta. It was a personal best overall with a really …

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Race Report Ironman 70.3 Chattanooga 5/19/2019

Overall I had a good race. I feel really good about the work I put in on this course. My swim training with Tower26 has paid off big time. I may need to cut 1 swim / week to add in another run, now. Every one of these longer races is a big accomplishment and any improvement is worthy of celebration.

If You Want to Win at Sales You Need An Amazing Swim Coach

Follow Jack Daly's prescription and you can make referrals a significant part of your marketing strategy. Jack uses the analogy of his triathlon swim coach to illustrate how easy it can be. In this era of working smarter rather than harder, referrals just make sense as this infographic from invespCRO demonstrates: 84% of people trust …

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Garmin Fenix Frustration solved by Swimming Watch Tools

My Garmin Fenix 3 HR is a wonderful, and oftentimes frustrating, tool. I discover new ways to use my Fenix 3 on a regular basis. It is one of two watches I wear regularly, the other being my Apple Watch. It is sometimes really frustrating, too. One of my recent frustrations is more me than …

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Crawfishman Triathlon 2018 Race Report

The Crawfishman Triathlon in Bush, LA is a fun, locally focused race in a beautiful part of the extended New Orleans metro area. This year was especially fun for me because I got to race with Joseph, my 15 year old and his teammate Rudy, 14. Joseph and Rudy are both on the Nth Degree …

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