Today I’m Thankful That What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger

This morning I sat down to work on my race reports from the New Roads Triathlon Festival, which is very late, and Ironman Florida, only a little late, and I started thinking about yesterday. Yesterday I had an Echo Stress Test. It’s a redo of the one I had a year ago. I’ll get those race reports finished, but first I want to talk about my stress test. Just thinking about it makes me sad, frustrated, and angry

OPDEC New Orleans District A #202 Will Scott – Candidate

A friend recommended that I run for Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee. After she explained what it was I said "sure. That seems like a great way to get involved in local politics." I am sending this letter, by hand-delivery to many of my neighbors within walking distance. I've got 500 envelopes, so hopefully that …

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Sträva Screenshot 8 mile run - 1 mile segments

Lessons in Acceptance – Win Or Learn

I think triathlon came first.I was trying to decide after my run today whether I started meditating, as a practice, first or triathlon training. I'm pretty sure it was triathlon.In fact, I'm sure it was. Meditation as I think about it started with a gift - the Apple Watch from my mother. It's grown since, …

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Image of ingredients for my morning smoothie

Smoothie Recipe with Protein, Seeds, Fruits & Vegetables

What's in my morning smoothie recipe? This recipe was originally inspired by Rich Roll, in his book Finding Ultra. Rich indicates it originates with Brendan Brazier, Co-Founder of Vega Nutrition, in his book Thrive. When I first posted this picture on Instagram, my cousin Claudia said I should become a blogger so I decided to write …

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We’re doing the best we can, right?

Welcome to week-9 of Work from Home at Search Influence. Some of you may have shifted your workday focus and / or location sooner or later than we did, but likely you, too, have seen a big difference for a solid 2 months or so. I typically start our Monday morning, all-team meeting with some …

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Broadway St. New Orleans in the rain

It’s like this – this is how it goes

It’s like this - this is how it goes On my run Saturday morning I was listening to The Rich Roll podcast. Rich was interviewing Kelly Corrigan and she quotes the son of Jon Kabat-Zinn on mindfulness. She tells the story of a parental comedy of errors - toenails on the kitchen table followed by …

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Ironman Florida 2019 Race Report

Ironman Florida 2019 Race Report Summary I know my race reports can get kind of long, so I’m going to summarize up front. In my second full distance triathlon (Ironman 140.6) I improved my overall time by 1:18 - meeting both my real goal and nearly hitting my first stretch goal (sub 15 hours (or …

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Ironman 70.3 Augusta Race Report

Ironman 70.3 Augusta Race Report As is my usual, this may be a little long. I have not been 100% consistent posting these. I would like to get better but life, excuses, whatever. The Race Itself I had a great race at the Ironman 70.3 Augusta. It was a personal best overall with a really …

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