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Audubon Park Baseball Fields Map

2 May

I’m forever trying to remember which of the Audubon Park Baseball Fields is which so I can park most efficiently. Thanks to our friends at Google I found this nice plan of the baseball fields on the Carrollton Boosters web site.Audubon Park Baseball Fields Map

Some of the press around the fields’ construction:


New Orleans Recycling Routes

16 May

So I got my shiny new New Orleans Recycling bin and started filling it up. Bad news was, I had no idea when they were coming.

New Orleans Recycling Routes

New Orleans Recycling Routes

So I emailed Richard’s Disposal Service (btw, I love that the trash company does email so effectively) and they emailed me a route map and the guide for what can go in the can.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sad to see Phoenix go since they really took an entrepreneurial risk in entering a market know one knew was there and I wish them well.

I’m so excited to have the City of New Orleans recycling and to have a nice can to put stuff in. Feels like the 21st century 🙂 If you need a recycling can, go to the city site and request one here.

If you are with another disposal service and would like me to make contact, let me know in the comments.

 – Thanks to Emma for the link to the Metro Pickup Map and Schedule

Buck moth caterpillar assault set to begin |

19 Apr

Cute and fluffy? Yes they are – just pick one up. Mwahahaha

Great Drew Brees Photo Bacchus 2010

14 Feb

OK, so this was total luck. I just happened to have my camera out as Drew Brees was rolling up as Bacchus and snapped a great photo of Drew Brees throwing swag.

See what you think of this Drew Brees photo:

Drew Brees Photo as Bacchus 2010

Drew Brees Photo as Bacchus 2010

Again, sheer luck to have camera in hand. Only wish this photo of Drew Brees was a little better focused.

NYTimes: New Orleans Sees an Opportunity to Improve on Its Past

31 Aug

From The New York Times:


New Orleans Sees an Opportunity to Improve on Its Past


On the fourth anniversary of the hurricane that redefined its future, New Orleans is no longer talking about mere recovery.


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