Testing Directory Submission Tools

Directory Submission Tools on Digital PointI was doing some investigation of directory submission providers on an SEO / Internet marketing forum and came across this post offering automated directory submission from a web site called Directory Submission Tools.

I’ve been looking for ways to economize the directory submission process and thought I would give it a try with this site.

This is a personal blog, of sorts. I don’t write often and it’s usually just to catalog interesting things I find / feel that don’t fit within one of my professional outlets. So, it has almost no links whatsoever.

So, I submitted the link https://willscott.me/ with the link text “Will Scott” for which this blog ranks around position 96.

Here is what Yahoo Site Explorer thinks about https://willscott.me/ right now. (PDF Screen Shot: willscott.me – Yahoo Links:20101204)

I will update at 15, 30, 60 and 90 days to indicate new links per Yahoo and will update here at those intervals.

UPDATE: This link executes a Google search showing indexed directories: http://ow.ly/3lvIy