Google Blows

Google blows.

They’re running a utility company without so much as a Public Utilities Commission for oversight.

It’s negligent business homicide.

Taken from an earlier email thread in regard to Google’s mis-attribution of reviews from the UK to a US company and Google’s inclusion of absolutely awful review snippets.

If they were the telephone company they’d be fined by the PSC for running such a poor system.

P.S. Here’s another nascent idea:

2 thoughts on “Google Blows

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  2. earlpearl

    well done, Will.

    The issue is that Google has a monopolistic market share of searchers. When it makes an algorithmic mistake….its the mistake that the vast majority of searchers will see.

    If the mistake can cause harm to the business….well there are lawyers that deal with that….and the issue is libel.

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