New Orleans Recycling Routes

So I got my shiny new New Orleans Recycling bin and started filling it up. Bad news was, I had no idea when they were coming.

New Orleans Recycling Routes
New Orleans Recycling Routes

So I emailed Richard’s Disposal Service (btw, I love that the trash company does email so effectively) and they emailed me a route map and the guide for what can go in the can.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sad to see Phoenix go since they really took an entrepreneurial risk in entering a market know one knew was there and I wish them well.

I’m so excited to have the City of New Orleans recycling and to have a nice can to put stuff in. Feels like the 21st century 🙂 If you need a recycling can, go to the city site and request one here.

If you are with another disposal service and would like me to make contact, let me know in the comments.

 – Thanks to Emma for the link to the Metro Pickup Map and Schedule

9 thoughts on “New Orleans Recycling Routes

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  2. Emma

    I live in Gentilly. There aren’t coming to pick up in the neighbourhood?? Even though they gave me a container??

      1. Will Scott

        Hi Gary and Connie, I’m not sure when Metro picks up. I’ll reach out and see if I can find a schedule.

  3. connie

    I have received my recycle bin but it has not been pickup, my garbage is pick up by metro could you please tell me how to find the time and day my recycling will be pickup thanks

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