Annoying WordPress Spam

Is it too much to ask that the WordPress spammers be a little inventive?

I’d almost rather go back to “Great post”! Not having ever been an annoying WordPress spammer, I wonder, does the | help somehow? Does it make it look less spammy to Akismet? Interestingly it’s pointing to a Facebook page.

See for yourself. Feel free to help me unpack the syntax of spam 🙂

Screen capture of Annoying WordPress Comment Spam

2 thoughts on “Annoying WordPress Spam

  1. Chris Reilly

    This is where a lot of that crap comes from: scrapebox/scrapejet. Scrapebox has a ton of great whitehat analysis tools, scrapejet is just pure autospam.

    What bothers me most is that there are almost zero auto-approve, do follow, non akismet WordPress blogs out there, but tools like this exist to spam 1000 sites to find the one that does build *a* link.

    1. Will Scott

      If, of course, one buys into the idea that no-follow really means “ignore me”.

      That said, I’m sure there’s a bunch of other heuristics at play to determine what is “Spam” in addition to the no-follow that help G ignore them.

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