How to Guest Blog – NOT!

I’ve decided I’m just too nice to spammers.

Perhaps I was inspired by @JoeHall‘s post on the ethics of outing SEOs. This one, however, too dumb to move past without giving a little coaching. With a little help from Google I came up with 3 good posts on “How to Guest Blog” to help our dear friends at [name withheld].

So I emailed them back as follows:


For future reference, you should maybe consider replacing (name of blog) with the name of the blog.

I’d also refer you to a few blog posts on how to do guest blog outreach right.

In regard to your request, no!


Below is the original email from our form system:

Image of email solicitation for Guest Blog Outreach

With a little further investigation (actually, I just clicked a link in our handy form system) I discovered our requestor, who lacks the attention to detail necessary for link outreach, is actually in the Philippines.

Just goes to show, one should spare no expense on quality assurance if you want your team to understand – the right way – how to guest blog.

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