Infographic Design Idea Sites

I’ve been thinking a lot about Infographics lately.

There are a lot of mediocre Infographics out there without much quality in either the information or the graphic. That said, there are also a bunch of good ones. So, I put together a list for my team to look at for Infographic Design Ideas.

Information Architects by Richard Saul Wurman - Book Cover

I also brought in this book from my Architecture School Days. Yes, that was a long, long, time ago, but when we were first working in computer graphics for Architecture we were inspired by information architecture, visualization and a whole range of communication tools which have been forgotten, abandoned and are only making their way back into the consciousness thanks to our need to create “quality content”.

Here’s the list:

What are your favorite Infographic and data visualization sites? Share with us in the comments please!

Thanks @rondomingue for another good suggestion:

Ron Domingue Recommended Visualization Site

Update 11/14