“Success” is the root of “Succession”

Success is the root of succession

On occasion I get asked to take part in a media event, or in an ongoing series of posts like Barry Schwartz SEO Roundtable Series “Honor an SEO / SEM” for which I have to provide interview-like responses to a series of questions.

What I love about these opportunities is they cause me to reflect. Often, because I’m rushed to respond, I find myself responding with an, almost, stream of consciousness honesty.

Below is one of the questions I got in the preparation for a radio show I recorded yesterday with Peter Ricchiuti for his radio show Out to Lunch.

If you’re wondering, the show ill air next Thursday, January 25th at 1 PM Central and again on Friday the 26th at 6:30 PM Central.

The question asked was:

What is your preferred title? Owner & CEO?

And my answer:

I’d love to get to owner, but today I’m still the CEO. The distinction for me is if my main role is owner then I’ve advance someone else to the CEO role. It’s an aspiration of mine to grow our team to the level that they don’t need Angie and me except for moral support.

So what does that mean? I think our top job as executives and business leaders is to assure the effective succession of our teams. Let’s look at the root of “succession” – it’s success.