Political Season Disclaimer

UPDATE: Leslie is no longer in the race.

To avoid any perception of impropriety I feel the need to make a political season disclaimer.

Will Scott Headshot
Will Scott - Headshot taken for Search Marketing Expo

I, Will Scott, am a New Orleanian and have been living here since fall of 1987 when I came to school at Tulane University. I have lived here ever since then minus 4 years in Southern California as a U.S. Marine and 3 years that my family lived in Mandeville, during which we were still very active in New Orleans culture.

This is my home and I’m proud and happy to be here, paying taxes and contributing to my community.

I live Uptown near Tulane and Loyola with my wife and children and we enjoy walking to various locations around my neighborhood. I am engaged in various civic activities.

I am a parent. My sons go to Lusher Elementary and University Montessori School.

I am the proprieter of a local Internet and Social Media Marketing company called Search Influence with nearly a dozen New Orleans area team members on full-time payroll.

I, personally, am a fervent supporter of Leslie Jacobs in the mayoral race and am working aggressively on her behalf. My company Search Influence is doing some work in support of the Leslie Jacobs for Mayor web presence.

Any opinion I express online relative to the mayoral campaign is my personal opinion. Though my company is being paid by the campaign, my expressed opinion is my own.

I have been a New Orleanian, an Uptowner and a lover and supporter of New Orleans much longer than I’ve been a supporter of Leslie Jacobs. I will post a longer post explaining all the reasons for my support later.

My opinions on the mayor’s race and any posts, comments or commentary I make are my own opinions, not paid for.

I am a partisan – I support Leslie Jacobs wholeheartedly and this will likely be apparent in my commentary.

This post is my attempt to be completely above board in that support and my motivations.

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