Call it Monkey Mind

Call it ADD or Monkey Mind, or whatever you like, I love learning about people, businesses and ideas and I’m not terribly picky.


Sometimes I become intensely interested in a topic or business idea — almost obsessive. Thankfully most often — and this is why I bring up the term Monkey Mind — my obsession doesn’t last long.

Stuff I’m currently obsessed with – which has lasted long enough that I probably need to have an outlet:

  • Businesses – all kinds, and especially marketing and promotion
  • Nutrition – particularly whole, plant-based vs. the typical American diet
  • Athletic performance – particularly triathlon and distance running

It’s not all doom, gloom and distraction, though. The great thing about my current triathlon obsession is that I get lots of solo time. Solo time for me equals books on Audible. So I wind up “reading” A LOT. So much so that people have asked me to put together a book list – which I will.

For today though, I want to state that I’m going to be posting here more often. I’m going to share what I’m reading, learning and eating. Hopefully you find it valuable.

Some recent reads – any one of which I’d recommend:

In progress:

Please give me feedback. If you like, love or would rather I do something different.

Thank you!

Image credit JulienLStark on Pixabay