OPDEC New Orleans District A #202 Will Scott – Candidate

A friend recommended that I run for Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee. After she explained what it was I said “sure. That seems like a great way to get involved in local politics.”

I am sending this letter, by hand-delivery to many of my neighbors within walking distance. I’ve got 500 envelopes, so hopefully that gets me a good bit of the way there. 🙂

Honestly I’d never heard of OPDEC before the introduction. Having lived in New Orleans for more than 30 years I felt like the Democratic executive committee was a good place to get started.

I posted more details on Facebook, so please feel free to weigh in and share your thoughts! If I don’t know you and you ask to be my friend, let me know it’s because you saw my New Orleans District A OPDEC post.

Photo of Search Influence ribbon cutting on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., New Orleans
Photo of Search Influence ribbon cutting on Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., New Orleans

I’m that guy a little to the right in glasses and a blue shirt.


Dear Neighbor,

I’m writing to introduce myself. I’m running for OPDEC in New Orleans District A – your district.

The OPDEC (Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee) is responsible for a number of roles in the local Democratic Party.

The most important one to me, is endorsing Democratic Party candidates. This is a big deal, and helps to assure we’re promoting candidates who best match our shared values.

Hopefully you agree that we need more elected officials who support our shared values.

So you can get a better sense of who I am, I’ll share a few details:
– New Orleanian since 1987
– Husband and Father to two boys (13 & 17), both of whom attend(ed) Lusher Elementary
and Middle School
– Business Owner (with my wife Angie) – Search Influence since 2006
– Heart Disease Survivor & Ironman Athlete
– Lifelong Democrat & Former Marine

I believe in equity and education, first. As we’ve seen so vividly in the last few months – and weeks – we’ve got lots of issues dividing us. I prefer to focus on the issues that unite us.

Until we treat one another equitably we can’t move forward as a country. Education is the key to opportunity. These will be my focus when considering candidates and policies.

If you agree, please join me by voting #202, Will Scott, OPDEC New Orleans District A.

Most Sincerely,

Will Scott