Lessons in Acceptance – Win Or Learn

I think triathlon came first.

I was trying to decide after my run today whether I started meditating, as a practice, first or triathlon training. I’m pretty sure it was triathlon.

In fact, I’m sure it was. Meditation as I think about it started with a gift – the Apple Watch from my mother. It’s grown since, but that’s not the real point.

Acceptance is key. Embracing the process (and sometimes the suck). Eliminating attachment to the outcome.

Photo of Mississippi River at Sunrise
Mississippi River at Sunrise

Today I had a run on my calendar. A little longer, but “easy”.

Don’t you love that concept? An “easy” run. How fortunate am I to be able to have an easy run on my schedule.

The mere presence of a long, easy run indicates two important things – 3 really, the third, perhaps most important.

  1. I can run for a long time.
  2. I can run without huffing and puffing.
  3. I’m alive.

But can I run without discomfort? Not always. Today, no.

This is what I wrote in my Strava comment – for those that don’t know, Strava is a social sharing app for athletes. I titled the run “Lessons in Acceptance”.

Each day presents an opportunity. Win or learn. Today I learned. Or really, remembered an earlier lesson.

That lesson is to “sit with it.”

When it hurts and you wonder why, before you give in, sit with it.

Today in the middle of mile 3 my it band / hip flexor area was killing me. Everything else was OK. Nothing exceptional, not even into zone 2 heart rate. No excuses.

So I reminded myself, “sit with it” finish the mile and see if it hurts less.

And I finished 8.

Slow, plodding, only fun in the sense of accomplishment and gratitude but done.

Sträva Screenshot 8 mile run - 1 mile segments
Sträva Screenshot 8 mile run – 1 mile segments

Grateful to be able to run.

Grateful to have found both meditation and triathlon.

Grateful to be alive.

And most of all I’m grateful for the lessons I get to learn. Or in this case, to remember.