Live Q&A On Tiered Link Building With Chris Palmer SEO

I’ve been testing a number of link building services including some from Chris Palmer SEO.

He and I were chatting by phone and he asked if I’d be willing to go live with him.

Chris is a big fan of “tiered link building” and so I asked him for some ideas on strategy, pacing of tactics, and some very granular link-building strategies.

If you do SEO, you should follow Chris. Some of his tactics tend toward the Hard Hat SEO side, but he’s got useful nuggets wherever on the risk/reward spectrum you lie.

One of the things I learned — not SEO related — was that you can “tip” on YouTube.

Another one of the viewers Cincinnati Carpet Repair service, Compass Carpet Repair & Cleaning, got a live review of his on-page SEO for a mere $20. A bargain, for sure.

Check out Chris on YouTube — he drops tons of great tips and knowledge.

Oh, also, Chris wants to rank for “Law Firm SEO.