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And now I’m Inbound Sales Certified, too

8 Jan

I figured since I was here I might as well do the sales certification, too.


That’s right, sucker – I’m Inbound Certified

8 Jan

We recently signed up with HubSpot to use their marketing automation and sales tools so I thought it would be a good idea to go through their certification process.
This is really great educational stuff and at the end they give you a cool badge 🙂

Economic Development: Louisiana Top 10 for Doing Business via @GNOInc

22 Oct

I received an email from Michael Hecht of GNO Inc., our regional economic development corporation in which he talks about this recent report from “Area Development Online“.

  • #1 in Cooperative State Government (best of 50 states in the USA)
  • #2 in Incentives Programs
  • #2 in Economic Recovery
  • #3 in Leading Workforce Development Programs
  • #3 in Speed of Permitting
  • #4 in Overall Business Environment
  • #4 in Cost of Doing Business
  • #5 in Labor Climate
  • #6 Best State for Doing Business

So, we no longer have to fall back on the Quality of Life argument. We’ve got empirical proof this is a great place to work and live!

And we’ve got quality of life too. So there, Texas 😛

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