That’s right, sucker – I’m Inbound Certified

We recently signed up with HubSpot to use their marketing automation and sales tools so I thought it would be a good idea to go through their certification process. This is really great educational stuff and at the end they give you a cool badge 🙂


I love you all and thanks!

I've been struggling with how to start this. So I’ll start it with "I love you all and thanks”! Two years ago today I was in the hospital having open heart surgery. At the tender age of 44 years old I had allowed myself to become sedentary stressed out overweight and it caught up with …

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Why I’m Voting for James Perry

I've made a decision. I'm voting for James Perry. Up until now, since Leslie dropped out, I've been just coasting waiting for someone to inspire me as she did. And, the fact is, there's someone who inspired me almost as much as she did. And, he made a personal appeal to me early in the …

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